Since 1970, the FININC group has developed into one of Italy’s major private holding companies dedicated to large-scale infrastructural and industrial works and has realised many important projects in Italy over the years, from major highways and bridges to heavy plant for the steel industry, and has contributed to the construction of many other significant works in terms of value, scale and quality.

The Fréjus motorway and the refurbishing works on the Piombino steelworks are just two fine examples. The Group has grown over the years, adding new companies operating with equal success in specialist sectors like hi-tech, plant engineering, telecommunications, process automation and robotics.

With all these diversified companies, the Group operates as one big team of qualified, experienced engineers all working together for the Group and its customers: More than 800 employees, with consolidated technical expertise.

A team capable of conceiving and realising projects ranging from the more traditional forms of civil engineering to the most innovative: new technology plant, “smart buildings”, automation and instrumentation, telecommunications, audio-visual communications and strategic manufacturing, as well as technical-financial services